Had Klaus a while now…

We collected Klaus in early March 2017 from the fitters Danbury, in Bristol. Frustation over failure to tell us that delivery was delayed for a month was soon forgotten once the VW T5, to give it the correct moniker, was parked on our drive.


By the way, I am a little shy about showing my face to the camera. You will therefore notice that Dennis appears in more shots than I do. This is in contrast to the earlier days, when I took very few photos.


The photo above shows the van in our second pitch, just outside Bath. It was perfectly secluded, perfectly placed, being just a few steps away from the Kennet and Avon canal. The one failing was a lengthy walk to the toilet.

Food: below you see a photo of my breakfast during our first stay away in the New Forest. The cafe was Beachcombers. We stayed for 2 nights, and all went well.


The toilet was er basic, and the shower was not an inviting thing. But the pitch was well positioned for reaching both the New Forest, to the North, and the sea, to the South. All of this on bikes, pushbikes. In fact time for a quick digression to show you a picture of the mighty Thule bikerack, which sits on the towbar ball on the back of the van. It is absolutely rock-solid.


I am not entirely sure what I am doing. Perhaps more importantly it is Highcliffe Castle, which looks out over cruel breaking seas… in March anyway.



Signal boxes are fascinating, in their way:SignalBox01

Here’s the Dundas aqueduct:


This is the moon from our house:


This is one of our routes:



… and this is another:




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